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Tenant faqs


What should I bring at the meeting to sign my lease?

Please prepare your ID, check book. The deposit is payable at the date of signing.

What Do I need to know prior to my move?

You will be required to book an elevator with the building manager/concierge in advance (most buildings 48 hours in advance) Keep in mind some buildings have lots of traffic so if you don’t notify them well in advance, you may not get your time. All buildings do charge a move in and move out fee which is payable by the tenant.

Why do I have to have the property cleaned by a professional cleaner when I’m great at cleaning?

Even though you may great at cleaning, you won’t be able to match a professional’s work. . They have a trained eye for detail. Leave it up to the professionals. Let us know if you would like any recommendations.

How Do I get my Deposit back? Can I get it right away?

According to the RTA, once you issue a forwarding address to the Landlord, they will send your deposit back within 14 days. The agency does not hold any deposits behalf of Landlords. Deposits are usually not paid out right away so the landlord can ensure all bills have been taken care such as moving fees, hydro etc.

Why do I need to do a property inspection with my Landlord?

It’s very important to sign off on a property inspection report on the possession date. Later down the road this will mitigate any issues with the landlord and tenant that goes beyond wear and tear. People sometimes people are forgetful, but if you have it written down, both parties will know what scratches were on the floor and which holes in the wall. Better safe than sorry!

I lost my job and I can’t afford to pay the rent anymore! Can I break the lease?

Most landlords will not want to tie you down and force you to stay somewhere your not happy in. However, you are obligated to fulfill your lease. Make sure the length of lease you are signing is going to work for you as it is a contractual obligation. If something happens down the road and you have to leave, be honest with your landlord and give them sufficient heads up so they have time to look for a replacement. In most circumstances once someone is found to take over the lease, you are relieved of the remaining time but will have to reimburse the landlord for any vacancy loss (if any) and the cost and the 1/2 month leasing fee they paid for to their agent.

Why is my landlord asking for post dated checks for the lease duration?

This actually makes it much easier for both parties. Instead of having to meet your landlord each month, they are able to leave the payment with their Financial Institution which automatically deposits the rent. This saves time for both parties and less chasing each other around!

I rented a furnished place and have trouble with my TV and Internet. What do I do?

Find out the name of the service provider and call technical support. In most circumstances, it is either Shaw, Novus or Telus. Just let them know you need technical support guidance.

I’m trying to call the agency and get no reply

We work during office hours, Monday to Friday and enjoy the weekends off. Calls are returned within 1 business day.

Tenant faqs - Luxury Living Rental